(Nov 15, 2015 at 2:02am)

Fellow Stakeholders,

Nearly 3 Solar years have passed since the peaceful "Democratic Regression" of Sirius Inc. After decades of benign neglect by our parent corporation, sovereignty was officially transferred to the office of CEO Ollobrains. There were significant obstacles to maintenance of status quo. Our traditional corporate institutions do not lend themselves to fractal replication; corporate synergy has an optimal scale.

Our CEO, ever the pragmatist, chose a path of incremental democratization. Sirius Corporation raised no objections, and provided complimentary electoral oversight & supervision. CEO Ollobrains received a healthy 83% of the electoral vote. His closest rival, "JoJo the talking Mookah", received less than 5%.

The political landscape in San is chaotic. Opposition leaders decry loss of their pensions, corporate loyalty discounts, and imported consumer goods. Sirius Corporation maintains a corporate embassy on Selous Horizons, and may exercise "Clause 13" (re-incorporate Sirius Inc; dissolve local forums) at their discretion.

Our fledgling democracy has yet to choose a name for itself... in all likelihood, it will remain "Sirius Inc" for another generation. Sirius Corporation has yet to comment on this, rather egregious, trademark infringement.

-CMDR McCaslin